Why Use Credible

Workforce managers are inundated with phone calls, emails, social media requests, and drop-by visits from eager suppliers trying to breakthrough to their “preferred list.” Don’t get lost in the shuffle. Workforce managers use Credible to find suppliers whose reputations are influenced by peer-based reviews. Stand out with the right combination of branding and credibility, and be in the right place at the right time when decision makers need your services.

Connect With Top Companies

Businesses Connect With You

Workforce and Supply Chain decision makers use Credible to confidentially search for and connect with specialty and preferred suppliers.

Stand out from the crowd

Generate brand awareness with decision makers in your target market.

Build Real Connections

Solicit connections and organize conversations and relationships for future reference.

Market Data & Trends

Get the latest talent demand trends across top Global 2000 companies by skill and location.

Grow Your Credibility

Increase your credibility with authentic reviews by validated users.

Monitor Your Profile Views

Know precisely how many buyers have looked at your profile recently.

Breakthrough barriers and market your company directly to the decision maker.

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