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Supplier Dashboard Version 2

We're excited to announce that we've taken your feedback, considered how to address some of your questions and suggestions, and have launched a new version of the Supplier Dashboard experience. We heard you. The map was cool but it wasn't always easy to use, you couldn't always tell which cities had the highest concentration of open requests. So, we've simplified how we're presenting the information and turned it into a top 10 cities list! Now there is no question what areas of the country are seeing the highest open request rates based on our analysis. Likewise, we have turned out Rate table into a scatter plot that makes it super easy to determine the spread of rate amounts across the four skill levels. We hope you find these changes useful and we're always looking for your feedback!

Credible Calling Card

Available as of: 10/30/2017
Introduce yourself to buyers! Leave a digital business card with a short message to decision makers at buyer companies by clicking the green “Leave Your Business Card” button on the buyers’ profile page.  While this feature is available to all Supplier members, Suppliers with a Free subscription must first receive an invitation from a buyer to access their profile. As a Supplier member with a Starter subscription you can display a more detailed profile, search for buyer profiles whose needs match your services and proactively leave a business card. Supplier members with a Premium subscription featuring a fully enhanced profile, can request to connect with buyers and send more detailed messages.

Engage your Team

Available as of: 10/27/2017
Now your entire team can take advantage of Credible. You can easily add team members to your Credible account using the “Manage Access” link in the drop-down menu next to your name. This feature is available to all Buyer members and to all Supplier members with a Starter and Premium subscription.

Share what you are thankful for through Credible

Arriving in time for Thanksgiving!
Peer-based Reviews offer Credible-ity! Buyers rely on their peer network to validate the claims of suppliers. All Buyer and Supplier members will be able to leave anonymous Credible Reviews for suppliers. Supplier members with a Premium subscription can also respond to those reviews. And in the spirit of Thanksgiving, what better way to give thanks than to share gratitude for your suppliers’ hard work and results? Join the Credible movement and share a review of gratitude on Supplier profiles. The sharing could be contagious with Credible as the catalyst to building meaningful business relationships.

Start Planning for 2018

Coming soon!
Use Demand Data to Grow Your Business! Suppliers looking to grow their business are faced with decisions like, “Where do I focus my recruiting strategies to win new accounts?” or “Is it time to open a branch in a certain market? If so, what should be our focus?” Use Credible Demand Data to identify the concentration of demand for specific roles by city and get market rate benchmarks. This feature will be available to Supplier members with Premium subscriptions only.

in-Credible Marketing Capabilities

More Profile Branding and Lead Generation Options. Supplier members with Starter and Premium subscriptions will soon be able to promote their social media profiles, highlight their team members, and provide buyers with links to marketing assets all from their profile page.

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